Sunday, 14 September 2008

A Shuffle and a Whoopee.

This weekend I headed over to Cordy house for the Shoreditch Shuffle. Apart from the really utterly Great Cake Escape at Kemistry (see my review for Amelia’s magazine here:
the rest of the shuffle was a bit shit. Pearl Lowe was supposed to be showing her new collection of vintage inspired lace dresses, but was a no-show- apparently due to illness-must be that mystery bug that always seems to swipe celebrities scheduled to appear at low key events. (Karma please note: I take all my bitter cynicism back if anyone was actually sick)Anyway, there was still 'I lust Brick Lane'; a catwalk show of outfits from the various vintage shops in the East London hot spot. All outfits painfully cool and pretty unwearable, likewise all the art on display in Cordy house was heavily reliant on shock tactics-Dave Hilliard’s glittery cocaine, piss and puke being just a tad tasteless but oh so Hoxton.
The Whoopee Carnivale at The Scoop was refreshing after the pretences of the Shoreditch crowd. With Johnny Woo hosting the event and managing to keep nearly all the sexual innuendos flying over the heads of 2 year olds in the crowd. There was some great acts like the So and So circus and some decidedly dodgy acts involving stuffed swans on wheels and, well, we’ll say no more about that. Miss Lily White performed a sparkling burlesque piece as the finale, before DJ Hitman Hearn spun some tunes to get everyone dancing. This is the kind of free London event that makes the price tag of Shoreditch Shuffle seem pretty unjustified.
On a final note-If you’re around Selfridges anytime today, head to the Wonder room where Vivienne Westwood is launching her fashion soundtrack to mark the beginning of London Fashion Week.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

In with the old...

Frock me Vintage Fashion Fair set up its stalls and tea room in Chelsea Town hall today, a gorgeous venue for a lot of really gorgeous stuff. Unfortunately, shopping at these fairs is mostly a spectator sport for me, as I am neither a size 0 nor brandishing wads of cash. Lace, sequins, silk and satin dresses dating from the turn of the century to more recent vintage 'style' pieces line the walls of the town hall,along with accessories like hats, fans, shoes, gloves and suitcases. If you're the creative type, then this is the ideal place to get vintage buttons, sequins, lace, ribbons and decorative pieces to embroider onto your clothes. Buttons and stuff were almost all I could afford, as the truly lovely vintage pieces were all pretty pricey. There were exceptions though-I came across a great vintage style Marc Jacobs slip dress for £40. And if you're going to a fancy dress party, its a great place to get the hat or fan that will make your outfit, even if you don't have the tiny post-war figure or the big, pre credit crunch budget to buy your dress there. As long as you're not worried about the size of your waist, pop into the tea room for tea, scones and deliciously iced cupcakes. Next London date for the fair is October 26th, check out their site here:
 The London photo fair also hit town today, a really great little get together of vintage photo dealers for a wide range of budgets- selling everything from old postcards to one off prints. This is basically like visiting a gallery exhibition of historic images, but here you're allowed to touch and even take home what you see. The next show is in November, register on the website and they'll send you an arty postcard to remind you its coming up:

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