Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Wendy Bevan and Temper Temper

I recently had the chance to meet one of my favourite photographers, Wendy Bevan; I've blogged about some of her work before here. My friend and fellow blogger Akeela introduced me to Wendy, who it turns out is also an incredibly talented singer. She's taken her band Temper Temper to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with an act that showcases both her vocal talents, her passion for vintage aesthetics and her skill with images.

Temper Temper's epic sound fuses muscular, glittering blues with old, dusty jazz, inspired by the works of artists such as Antony and the Johnsons, Scott Walker, Marlene Dietrich, Nick Cave, Mercury Rev and Laurie Anderson. Bevan’s otherworldly vocal performance was recently credited as: “Tragic, and hauntingly beautiful” by Vogue.com.
Pursuing a multidisciplinary approach, Wendy Bevan and her band create a world of ambiguity that sends a shiver to the core. Temper Temper's soundscape explores the emotion of the Pain of Desire companioned with a mixture of original and archive visuals created and art directed by Bevan, vacillating from serenity to calm and brutal to beautiful.

As an internationally renowned photographer, visual artist and performer, Temper Temper represents the coming together of Bevan's talents- yes, she really is that ridiculously talented. And pretty easy on the eye. And a genuinely lovely person. If it weren't for the latter it'd be easy to hate her. These self portraits are by Wendy in her beautifully chracteristic style- an antidote to a generation of digital photography and photoshopping.

Wendy co-writes with actor, playwright and composer Seiriol Davies the pianist in the band, and one of the founding members of Temper Temper. She has an on going sound project in development with Jack Shirt (Christos Faranas) who is also in the band, playing drums, synths and loop pedal effects and the quartet is complete with experimental bassist Jonny Martin.

'Temper Temper’s original epic sound fuses muscular jazz and glittering blues with a richly textured visual landscape, led by Wendy Bevan’s hauntingly beautiful voice. Her otherworldly performance as a statuesque, ghostly femme fatale echoes the Pain of Desire.Pursuing a multidisciplinary approach, Bevan and her band create a world of ambiguity that sends a shiver to the core. Harking back to the golden age of silent film, Temper Temper’s soundscape explores this emotion, with companion visuals created by Bevan, vacillating from serenity to calm, brutal to beautiful, reflecting the cutting dark side of human desire.'

Catch Wendy and Temper Temper at Summerhall until 18th August


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